Dark Horse Films, Inc

Dark Horse Films is a non-profit film and video production company that produces and distribute “media as art”. Established in 1976 in Montpelier, Vermont, the company for several years offered CETA (Comprehensive Employment and Training Agreement) film production internships to people interested in pursuing a career in motion picture production. At the same time in the 1980’s the company produced an annual showcase for regional American and Canadian independent filmmakers. It was a daily weeklong program each year at the Pavilion Auditorium, Montpelier called “Vermont Independents”. Each day was devoted to the work of a different filmmaker. The filmmaker would be present at the event to discuss his or her work at a Q&A at the end of the evening. Filmmakers included Randall Conrad, Christine Dahl, Jacques Drouin, David Ehrlich, Ellen Hovde, John Karol, Manfred Kirchheimer, Doreen Kraft, Robin Lloyd, Derek Lamb, Theodore Lyman, Norman McLaren, Ed Pincus, Anne Clair Poirier, Dorothy Tod, and Walter Ungerer. Today the primary concern Of Dark Horse Films is to support the work of its founder Walter Ungerer.

Ungerer is a longtime filmmaker and artist beginning with the underground film scene of NYC in the early 1960s. He began producing his own work in 1963. In 1969 he moved to Vermont, then established Dark Horse Films, a non-profit production company in 1976 in order to produce feature length experimental narrative films. In 2003 he moved to Maine where he continues to make films albeit shorter and computer assisted. With fifty years of filmmaking, video, computer, and media experience; Ungerer's works have been shown at museums, festivals and competitions throughout the world including Berlin Film Festival Black Box; Filmmuseum, Amsterdam; MoMA, NY; Tate. Great Britain; and the Venice Biennale.



Today the primary concern of Dark Horse Films is to support the work of its founder Walter Ungerer.